I bring my love of photography and storytelling to my work behind the camera, resulting in strong composition and daring angles that respond to and reveal character; my background in dance provides steadicam-like motion and flow to handheld work.    
Professional/Commercial Production Work

My commercial production work has ranged from larger entities in and around New York and New England such as IBM, SpeedTV, Wells Fargo, Simon & Schuster, Barnes & Noble, and NESN, as well as smaller local clients and funded documentaries. Lighting is a particular area of expertise for me; I worked for a number of years as a lighting technician for shows in Boston.

A few years ago, I organized a series of production classes in Providence, RI, and taught lighting to our students, and served as general consult during student productions.

These days I'm busy working as the Director of Marketing for a cancer research lab, so my production days have become few!

Currently shooting on Canon.
Viva la revolucion! Also sporting a Steadicam rig, lighting kit, and full audio setups, from boom to wireless. Also: the HD Hero cam, tiny and mountable on bodies, boats, cars and bikes.
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Independent Filmmaking

I've had lots of fun (and not a few headaches) shooting goofy indie stuff, too. It's a world fraught with unfunded and unfinished projects...but sometimes it's worth the effort anyway.

I've also done a little acting here and there. My favorite experiences there were doing stunts...with swords.

Awarded Best Cinematography
in the 2010 Providence 48 Hour Film Festival.


A few highlights:
  Curing Cancer with Magnetic Nanoparticles
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/Cinematographer: Cat Hainfeld

My father is a scientist, devoted to cancer research. He's doing some amazing work-- and his results offer real hope for the future.

Learn more about Dr. Hainfeld's cancer treatment using magnetic hyperthermia


  Finding Lovecraft: Life is a Hideous Thing
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/Cinematographer: Cat Hainfeld
Featuring original music by Mark Cutler
  This is a short film set in Providence, RI, where I have spent much of my adult life, investigating one of the great outsiders of American literature: H.P. Lovecraft.

What a challenge! I combined my background in narrative and documentary work for a synthesis of genre: the documentary fantasy. I think I found some fun ways to include my still photography, as well.

Produced with support from the RI Council for the Humanities, and with the backing of the vaunted Center for Independent Documentary, a fantastic advocate and resource.

The Island Moving Company: TeamBuilding Workshop
Writer/Director/Producer/Director of Photography: Cat Hainfeld
Editor: Richard Griffin

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A promotional video, created for a ballet company in Newport, RI. It was great fun to be in the midst of their workshop, with newspaper editors cavorting like ballerinas...

Several shorter versions were also created for their website and marketing DVDs, but this is the Director's Cut.