Photo by Lana Deym Campbell
In Wisconsin with my old bus, Heinrich.

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A narrative accounting:

I grew up on eastern Long Island, amidst a landscape of field, forest, marsh and water. My father is a research scientist, and he instilled in me an insatiable curiosity about the world; my grandmother, a painter and poet, taught me to recognize my inner experience, and the value of reflecting it back through art. From the earliest age, my investigation of the world has reached wide to grasp both science and art, seeking creative synthesis and expression.

In my work, I hunt for the spark of life, and offer it as a connecting point; I seek to bridge the gap between the self and other, to pierce the veil.

I studied non-human minds (including figuring out how to train bats to catch worms, mid-flight, in front of a camera) to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University. With a head for communication and skills in both programming and art, I became an early web designer. Broadening the reach of my digital art, I then completed 2 years' graduate study in digital animation, film and storytelling at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I developed that creative work into a business, using a series of my sculpted characters and interwoven fiction: Cat's Creatures.

From there, I sought connection with the larger human story, travelling the country in 2006 and 2007 aboard a veggie-oil-burning bus as documentarian, photographer, writer, and head mechanic. I then spent several years working in filmmaking and photography around New York and New England, working on many film productions, both pro/commercial and independent, as a lighting technician for live events, and doing some teaching: web design at URI, and film production in a program I helped create in Providence, RI.

After producing a video on a breakthrough in my father's cancer research, I decided to devote my efforts to support his lab at Nanoprobes, managing therapeutic development and fundraising efforts. I also volunteered as an after-school teacher for children, encouraging collaborative, creative problem-solving using both science and art, as part of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.

More recently, I spent time in the WV mountains, where I managed an art gallery and taught painting classes for kids and adults, while working on an illustrated book for children. 

And who knows what's next. The adventure continues!