Design work can be such a rewarding mix of informational elegance and visual appeal. I started doing web design at the very beginning of the visual internet-- back when the 'center' tag was first invented! Advertising is always an interesting challenge, to mesh innovation with effective, quality design. I'm an old Photoshop jock, and I can give InDesign and Illustrator a good workout, too.

These days, I of course do social media marketing as well...

  Website Design

Nanoprobes Website

I'm the Marketing Director at this nanoparticle research collaborative, dedicated to finding cures for cancer and other diseases.

We are constantly innovating, and remain on the bleeding edge of research into solving the difficult diseases. In the course of our research, we often develop nanoparticle tools that are useful to the greater scientific community; part of my job is marketing these to other researchers; all profits support our research.

This is a group of amazing minds who have banded together to fight the good fight, and have dedicated their lives to ending the suffering of others.

I feel proud to work with them. Go, Nanoprobes! Mad scientists rule.


Cat's Creatures Website

Have fun checking out the wonderful world of Cat's Creatures, my sculpture business of yore.

One of my best-loved arts is sculpture, and bringing that movement of hands and heart to character design is one of the great delights of my life.

I also did a lot of writing on this project, which I also dearly love. There's a book in the works that goes along with all these characters...Maybe someday. When I have time...


Complex World the Movie: WebsiteIt's a Complex World Website

This film has become a cult classic for RI locals, capturing the grit and wildness of pre-Renaissance Providence.

I had a lot of fun creating this website, to support the DVD re-release of this great cult classic film. I was there at the DVD Premiere in Providence, where the film played at the Cable Car Cinema (a terrific art house theatre, complete with couches!), where it had seen a long run twenty years before.

This website interacts with the movie page on facebook, where I did cross-marketing, too; it was really neat to get my hands into the social networking potential, and see it work-- the DVD sales all go to charity, and they're doing really well!



First Face: WebsiteFirst Face: The Buck Stops Here Website

The website for a PBS documentary that tells the story of the making of Washington's definitive portrait, and the very flawed artist behind it.

Also interacts with Facebook, and I also built an interactive page that pulls PBS listings for the film according to the visitor's zip code.

Steve Gentile, the guy who produced, shot the film, edited and generally held this project together, is a really nice fellow, and I was glad to work with him.



WWSF2011 WebsiteThe Whole World is a Single Flower Tour Website

I created this for a large school of Buddhism, which has a tour and conference every two years, bringing together monks, nuns, zen masters and layfolk from the world over.

For this trip, they went to India and Nepal, to follow in the steps of the Buddha himself, who lived, learned, taught and died there. I really enjoyed immersing myself in visions of India, its wild colors, imagining exotic spices and the riotous noise of the streets, and reminding myself of the quiet of temples and sacred spaces.

I think I was able to create a synthesis that represents well all the elements of this tour, transmits the excitement of the participants, and translates the riot of India to a more Western palette.

I got to do a little programming here, too, creating a custom script to assign appropriate identifiers to registrants according to their point of departure. Fun!


WWSF2011 WebsiteCat Hainfeld's Website

Um, yep!...That would be this one.

I tried to make the nature of myself, my aesthetic, my character, as clear as possible in the design of this website. I'm a bit complex, I suppose, but there's a fair bit here that me bespeaks. I chose to write in my own words, not in ad-speak, and to use my own personal palette of fire, alongside fresh-leafed green.

If you like what you see, please feel free to contact me about a collaboration.


Print Advertisements


These days, as the Marketing Director at Nanoprobes, my print work revolves around creating flyers and other materials for scientific conferences.

Doesn't it just make you want to buy some nanoparticles?

  Zen and the Brain workshop
  Zen and the Brain workshop

This is the flyer I made for an event that I produced, a workshop entitled "Zen and the Brain" which was held at the Providence Zen Center, in northern Rhode Island. Featured was Dr. James Austin, PhD, a leading neuroscientist with a particular interest in contemplative studies.

The image of the Buddha is from a photograph I took at a Korean temple in Manhattan, a narrow slice of the dharma, in a converted apartment on the upper west side. If you look closely, you'll see that the back wall is covered with small buddhas in alcoves-- each one with a plaque to name a generous donor. The place was run by an incredibly energetic nun (since passed on, unfortunately), whose specialty was...fundraising. Ahem. In Asia, apparently, Buddhism is all about the bling, and people visit temples regularly to make payments to monastics to offer prayers and incense to get little Johnny into Singapore Polytechnic. To me, raised up on pre-Hammer-pants Protestant humility, it's a little much. But hey!

In any case, I was there for a 1,000-bow ceremony, wherein one performs 1,000 prostrations in unison, slowly, to the beat of a moktak (wooden instrument shaped vaguely like a blowfish). It took several hours, and left us all standing in pools of our own sweat. But the unrelenting and repetitive nature of the activity had its desired effect: the mind struggles, whines, sings to itself, plays porno movies and old commercials from the 70s, revisits past arguments, imagines worrying possibilities for the future...and finally, blissfully, falls silent.



KLR PostcardPostcard designs for a Providence firm, announcing their move to new and flashier digs.

I had a great time doing the location photography for this job; there was a forecast of two weeks of solid rain, so I was up before dawn and on the road to catch the soft light in the quiet of a summer dawn. Beautiful!

  KLR Postcard
  Waltham mapA map for a mailing that I created in Illustrator. Love them vectors...